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Pride style server


  For a long period of time L2Pride has provided a great PVP system for all players to enjoy even if in that period of time was so different from retail servers. I cannot promise that you will find here the same L2Pride what you loved for long time (The ONE created By DAV, but i can promise you that we do our best to make you experience the same gameplay + some things that we created just for you hopping that we will be able to bring Pride Style to the next level...


Gatotcha Project (High Five)


 Many tried  but almost none has succeed , to trully balance a HI5 server , and to make the people even from Interlude Chronicles to experience a better gameplay , more balanced system on pvp and farm , and of course to make this game that we love so much more interesting....

Project Team


Those who make those servers possible and worked constantly to offer you a better lineage 2 experience !

Started to play Lineage 2 in 2003 . 
First server on 2005 (L2atnetis) .
2008 L2Legacy , L2legend
2012 Head Gm at l2atlantis 
2020 Hindeminth and L][ Naia 



A verry good java programer wih a promising future
- Created a lot of new mods
- Contribute with around 60 monsters 
- Fixed the event engine
The right hand you need in a pinch!


™MK™ Head GM

Over 15 years of Lineage ][ Experience
Played of low rates as well on middle and pvp ones